What is the idea?

Several Dutch student houses in Enschede are inviting international students to have dinner together in a Dutch student house. A student house is a place where two to three students (sometimes more) live together. The aim is to give you, as well as the Dutch students, the opportunity to get to know each other and each other's culture.
So far the opportunities are limited to make contact with Dutch students as an international student. We would like to improve the integration between Dutch and International students by offering you the opportunity to make this contact and to get to know more about each other. To read more about experiences of other students, check this link

How does it work?

Subscribe for the event by filling out the google form.

After this we will then match the international students with the Dutch student houses. A Dutch student house will contact you to set a date to meet each other for dinner.

Would you rather go together with your international friend(s)? This is possible by filling in his or her name in the correct field in the subscription form. Most Dutch student houses can generally invite not more than three international students at once, but exceptions are possible! Just subscribe as soon as possible, so you can be sure of your Diner with the Dutch.